Plan for the Future


With winter coming in and the temperatures falling, I’m being asked if it’s possible to replace their roof during the winter. Well, there are several factors that need to be addressed before I can answer that question. Here’s my thought process when considering a winter replacement.


First, cold weather affects different people for different reasons. For outdoor construction services, we need to dress for the weather. Typically, around 30 degrees or higher, an active crew member can probably get by wearing just a sweatshirt, with cap and light gloves. But as temperatures begin to reach 20 or less, then heavier clothing is required. Add the extra layers of clothing and the rigorous work of tearing off a roof and then installing a new one only adds to the strenuous activity. So, when temperatures begin to hit below 30 degrees, most will not touch the roof just for that very reason.


Second, keeping the talent happy is crucial for proper roof applications. The talent being the crew. When you work in the cold, some crew members will tend to cut corners to get the job done quicker. That’s good for the talent but not so good for the homeowner. When crews cut corners, bigger issues reveal themselves in the future. To keep the talent happy, we tend not to roof in the winter months.


Third, cold weather influences our tools. We use pneumatic tools and air compressors. The cold weather will freeze our guns and possibly damage our compressor. So, any temperatures that reach freezing point or below, we need to consider the added stress to our equipment and the added time to address frozen equipment. Sometimes having spare guns in a heated garage will suffice, but it slows down the guys when having to change out frozen guns.


Fourth, we can install shingles in the cold weather to meet manufacturer specifications, but to do so, we must hand seal each shingle as the cold weather will not allow the tar lines to adhere the top shingles. Since we must hand seal, we generally add a hand seal charge. This added charge will greatly influence the overall cost of the roof. In short, it’s cheaper to install shingles in the warmer months and try to get by in the colder months.


There are occasions where your roof begins to leak and needs to be addressed. We certainly will take care of you; we would never allow your leaky roof to continue to destroy your home. However, what the homeowner should understand is there are added expenses for winter roof replacement.


How do you avoid this issue? Plan for the future. Sure, we never know when or if your roof will leak, but you should always keep your roof in your mind. By taking a quick glance at the top of your roof, you should be able to notice if shingles are missing or curled shingles are starting to show up. A simple inspection will certainly improve your chances of avoiding a winter replacement.


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